TIC TOC-2-IN-1 Alaram Clock with Mobile stand


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TIC TOC-2-IN-1 Alaram Clock with Mobile stand

TIC TOC-2-IN-1 Alaram Clock with Mobile stand
Digital Alaram Clock
Snooz Function
Mobile Holder
Calendar Function
Clock ( 12 /24 Hour Format)
Temperature ( C /F)



Introducing the TIC TOC-2-IN-1 Alarm Clock with Mobile Stand – the perfect blend of functionality and modern design. This versatile device seamlessly combines the essential features of a digital alarm clock with the convenience of a mobile holder. Here are the key features that make the TIC TOC-2-IN-1 stand out:

1. Digital Alarm Clock: Stay punctual and start your day right with the reliable digital alarm clock function. Set your preferred wake-up time and trust TIC TOC-2-IN-1 to keep you on schedule.

2. Snooze Function: For those who appreciate a few extra moments of rest, our alarm clock comes equipped with a convenient snooze function. Easily catch a few more Zs without worrying about oversleeping.

3. Mobile Holder: Stay connected without compromising on style. TIC TOC-2-IN-1 features a built-in mobile holder, allowing you to keep your smartphone within reach. Whether you’re charging your device or simply want to have it nearby, this integrated stand is both practical and space-saving.

4. Calendar Function: Stay organized and never miss an important date. The calendar function on TIC TOC-2-IN-1 ensures that you have a quick reference to upcoming events, helping you plan your day with ease.

5. Clock (12/24 Hour Format): Customize your time display to suit your preference. Whether you prefer the standard 12-hour format or the military-style 24-hour format, TIC TOC-2-IN-1 adapts to your needs.

6. Temperature Display (°C/°F): Keep track of the ambient temperature with the built-in temperature display. Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit to monitor the climate around you, ensuring comfort and convenience.

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TIC TOC-2-IN-1 Alaram Clock with Mobile stand
TIC TOC-2-IN-1 Alaram Clock with Mobile stand
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